SPECIALITY 4x 400 m relay, 4 x 400 m Mixed Relay

Date of birth: 19/01/1997

Place of birth: Niscemi

Height x weight: 1,70 x 58

First Club: ASD Atletica Scuola Lentini

Club: Esercito

First Coach: Gaetano Reale

Coach: Marta Oliva

Other sports: Equestrian

Hobby: Reading

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Games Participation:



As a child she practised ballet and did a year of horse riding. At 15 years old she moved from Niscemi, where her family lives, to Palermo to do athletics with Gaspare Polizzi and to attend the humanities high school. She has been under the guidance of Francesco Siracusa since 2016. She previously trained, as a commuter, in Catania with Filippo Di Mulo: it was her PE teacher who put them in touch with each other. In 2015 she reached the 400m final at the European Junior Championships, winning silver with the Italian 4x400 team, and received her first summons to the overall national team for the DécaNation in Paris. An injury unfortunately caused her to miss it. She moved to Rome in August 2018, to be followed by Marta Oliva. Her progress took her to 52.70 for her first overall title in 2020. In 2021, at the European Indoor Championships, she improved the Italian record (3:30.32) of the 4x400 indoor team. She has a degree in Kinesiology, and in her free time she likes to read and walk her labrador.



Other Games

World Relays

1a Chorzow (POL) 2021 4x400 m mista