Date of birth: 25/09/1993

Place of birth: Roma

Height x weight: 1,61 x 48

First Club: ASD Banzai Cortina Roma

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Gianluca Accogli

Coach: Raffaele Parlati

Hobby: Cooking

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Games Participation:



#FrancyMilaniFromItaly: this is how she presents herself, and not just on social media. The hashtag encapsulates the proud sense of belonging to Italy, contextually translating the calling - on an international scale - of her life pact with judo. She grew up in the Banzai Cortina Roma gym and has refined her competitive talent, collecting awards and podium placements since she was young. She was ordained into the senior movement in 2017, participating in the World and European Championships. Having won bronze at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragon, she continued striving for the greatest honour - participating in the Olympic Games. In her spare time she dabbles as a chef in the kitchen - she is an accomplished pastry chef and enjoys baking cakes. She also has a boundless passion for pizza.



World Championships

17a Budapest (HUN) 2017 – 48 kg

17a Baku (AZE) 2018 – 48 kg

9a Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 48 kg

European Championships

17a Varsavia (POL) 2017 – 48 kg

9Tel Aviv (ISR) 2018 – 48 kg

17a Praga (CZE) 2020 – 48 kg

9a Lisbona (POR) 2021 – 48 kg

World Cup

7a Tashkent (UZB)  – 48 kg

2a Tbilisi (GEO)  – 48 kg

1a Antalya (TUR)  – 48 kg

3a Kazan (RUS)  – 48 kg

Other Games

Giochi Europei - European Games

9 Minsk (BLR) 2019 – 48 kg