Date of birth: 11/10/1988

Place of birth: Venezia

Height x weight: 1,64 x 46

First Club: Venezia Runners Atletica Murano

Club: Carabinieri

First Coach: Luciano Bullo

Coach: Giorgio Rondelli

Hobby: Cooking

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Games Participation:



She started practising athletics during middle school, under the encouragement of her father Roberto, an amateur runner. Already as a child, playing hide-and-seek, she was the fastest, and from there to the discovery of talent was all one. She managed to defend herself on every course, from the track to cross-country, giving voice to her natural qualities thanks to the marathon. She is also a great runner away from the track: she has a Bachelor's degree in French and Spanish, a Master's degree in Spanish literature. She doesn't forget to perform a few superstitious rituals before the race, she loves to listen to music, wherever she goes she has some soundtrack to keep her company. And she relaxes in her spare time by reading a few novels and baking, especially cakes and tarts.



World Championships

DNF Doha (QAT) 2019