SPECIALITY 10.000 m, 5.000 m

Date of birth: 15/10/1996

Place of birth: Dessie (Etiopia)

Height x weight: 1,74 x 53

First Club: Atletica Valchiese

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Marco Borsari

Coach: Massimo Pegoretti

Other sports: Football

Hobby: Music

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Promises: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



His personal history story goes back a long way. The civil war in Ethiopia tore him away from his family of origin and took him to an orphanage in Addis Ababa, where, in 2003, he was adopted with his siblings by a Milanese couple, Roberto and Luisa Crippa. The new family settled in Trentino, where Yemaneberhan (the name in Amharic means 'God's right arm') first played football and then started running in the Atletica Valchiese. His older brother Nekagenet is also a junior Italian athlete in all running disciplines. He attended the hotel management school. His speciality is setting records. In 2018, he took away Francesco Panetta's best national promising performances in the 5,000 and 10,000 that dated back to 1985 and that of the 3,000 from Stefano Mei with 7:43.30, before the bronze in the 10,000 at the European Championships in Berlin. At the World Championships in Doha, he broke Antibo's record in the 10,000 with 27:10.76 after 30 years.



World Championships

21° Doha (QAT) 2019 5000 m
8° DOha (QAT) 2019 – 10000 m

European Championships

8° Amsterdam (NED) 2016 5000 m
Berlino (GER) 2018 10000 m
4° Berlino (GER) 2018 5000 m