Date of birth: 22/10/1994

Place of birth: Catania

Height x weight: 1,70 x 60

First Club: Club Scherma Acireale

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Pavlo Putyatin

Coach: Davide Pantoni

Hobby: Travelling

Relationship Status: Single

Reserve: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



The epitome of style and pure talent, this sportswoman has been a champion both at a European and worldwide level in the youth categories. She was also the proud flag-bearer of the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010) where she won a silver medal and a team gold. From Sicily, just like her team-mate Rossella Fiamingo (an Olympic silver medallist at Rio), Alberta followed in her older brother’s footsteps, and approached fencing at 7 years old, after having tried out swimming and dancing. If she was initially divided between the épée and the foil, it soon became evident which one to pursue: right from the beginning, the épée was the weapon that gave her the most thrill. And if one thing’s for sure, it’s that her favourite soft toy will be packed and ready to come with her to Tokyo, being a trusty companion that has accompanied her to competitions since she was a child.



World Championships

24a Lipsia (GER) 2017 – Individuale
9a Lipsia (GER) 2017 – Squadra
53a Wuxi (CHN) 2018 – Individuale
16a Budapest (HUN) 2019 – Individuale

European Championships

15ª Torun (POL) 2016 – Individuale
7ª Torun (POL) 2016 – Squadra
23ª Tbilisi (GEO) 2017 – Individuale
8ª Tbilisi (GEO) 2017 – Squadra
39ª Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Individuale
5ª Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Squadra
7ª Dusseldorf (GER) 2019 – Individuale

World Cup

22ª 2016-2017
41ª 2017-2018
23ª 2018-2019

Other Games

Giochi Olimpici Giovanili - Youth Olympic Games

2a Singapore (SGP) 2010 – Individuale
1a Singapore (SGP) 2010 – Squadra