SPECIALITY Rhythmic Individual all-around

Date of birth: 15/01/2001

Place of birth: Iasi (Romania)

Height x weight: 1,68 x 50

First Club: Anghel Saligny Iasi

Club: Aeronautica

First Coach: Constantin Radu

Coach: Špela Dragaš, Magda Pigano

Other sports: Football, tennis

Hobby: Dance music

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



Just to give you an idea of how determined she will be at the Tokyo Olympic games, just consider that she prefers going by the nickname “panther” as her friends fondly call her, rather than “butterfly” as the Italian women's rhythmic gymnasts are nicknamed. Born in Iasi, Romania, she moved to Italy at 10, settling in the Region of Veneto, in Cordignano where her family stays, and Friuli where she trains and studies in Udine, coached by Spela Dragas. She became a professional athlete almost by chance when - at 6 years of age - a doctor recommended a motor activity to correct a slight problem in her spinal cord. Alexandra chose rhythmic gymnastics right way and she is currently one of the most promising gymnasts on the global scene. At the 2018 world championships in Sofia she clinched the bronze medal in the ball event, her first individual senior medal. In Tokyo, she will fulfil her dream of participating at the Olympic Games where she will compete in the general individual event. 



World Championships

8ª Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – Concorso Generale

7ª Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – Palla

5ª Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – Clavette

4ª Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – Nastro

9ª Sofia (BUL) 2018 – Concorso Generale

Sofia (BUL) 2018 – Palla

4ª Sofia (BUL) 2018 – Nastro

Sofia (BUL) 2018 – Concorso a Squadre

6ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – Concorso Generale

6ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – Cerchio

5ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – Clavette 

4ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – Concorso a Squadre  

European Championships

8ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Palla

8ª Guadalajara (ESP) 2018 – Concorso Generale

6ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – Concorso Generale

27ª Varna (BUL) 2021 – Concorso Generale

9ª Varna (BUL) 2021 – Nastro

17ª Varna (BUL) 2021 – Clavette

36ª Varna (BUL) 2021 – Cerchio

41ª Varna (BUL) 2021 – Palla

World Cup

 Baku (AZE) – Palla

7ª Baku (AZE) – Cerchio

8ª Baku (AZE) – Nastro

4ª Baku (AZE) – Clavette

4ª Baku (AZE) – Concorso Generale

Other Games

Giochi Europei - European Games

4ª Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Concorso Generale

5ª Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Cerchio

6ª Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Palla

6ª Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Clavette

6ª Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Nastro