SPECIALITY Cross country

Date of birth: 01/07/1985

Place of birth: Bolzano/Bozen

Height x weight: 1,65 x 51

First Club: Dynamic Bike Team Appiano

Club: Esercito

First Coach: Antonio Anglani

Coach: Luca Bramati

Other sports: Cross country skiing, running, equestrian

Hobby: Horses, drawing

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

3 (Pechino 2008, Londra 2012, Rio 2016)


Sport has always been her life. She began with team sports, testing her appetite for volleyball, handball and basketball. On TV, however, she became fascinated by the Giro d’Italia and Tour De France, and decided to buy a new bike. In that very shop she met her first trainer, who ignited the spark in her for mountain biking. From that day on, alternating with cyclocross, she built up an incredible career, becoming one of the most decorated bikers of all time. She can count on an enviable haul of world and continental championship medals, as well as three Olympic participations. Last year, by winning the silver medal, she achieved the best result in her cross country career. It was also the best result for a female Italian athlete since 1997, when Paola Pezzo won the gold ahead of Nadia De Negri. In her free time she takes care of her horses and enjoys drawing and listening to pop rock.



Olympic Games

16ª Pechino (CHN) 2008
17ª Londra (GBR) 2012
18ª Rio (BRA) 2016


World Championships

5ª Les Gets (FRA) 2004 – Team Relay Misto
Livigno (ITA) 2005 – Team Relay Misto
Rotorua (NZL) 2006 – Team Relay Misto
7ª Fort William (GBR) 2007 – Team Relay Misto
 Val di Sole (ITA) 2008 – Team Relay Misto
18ª Val di Sole (ITA) 2008 – XC Elite
1ª Canberra (AUS) 2009 – Team Relay Misto
9ª Canberra (AUS) 2009 – XC Elite
 Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN) 2010 – Team Relay Misto
10ª Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN) 2010 – XC Elite
Champéry (SUI) 2011 – Team Relay Misto
Champéry (SUI) 2011 – XC Elite
 Saalfelden (AUT) 2012 – Team Relay Misto
13ª Saalfelden (AUT) 2012 – XC Elite
Pietermaritzburg (RSA) 2013 – Team Relay Misto
10ª Pietermaritzburg (RSA) 2013 – XC Elite
17ª Lillehammer (NOR) 2014 – Team Relay Misto
11ª Lillehammer (NOR) 2014 – XC Elite
Vallnord (AND) 2015 – Team Relay Misto
23ª Vallnord (AND) 2015 – XC Elite
34ª Nové Město (CZE) 2016 – XC Elite
6ª Cairns (AUS) 2017 – Team Relay Misto
17ª Cairns (AUS) 2017 – XC Elite
4ª  Lenzerheide (SUI) 2018 – Team Relay Misto
25ª  Lenzerheide (SUI) 2018 – XC Elite
4ª  Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN) 2019 – Team Relay Misto
21ª  Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN) 2019 – XC Elite
2ª  Leogang (AUT) 2020 – Team Relay Misto
2ª  Leogang (AUT) 2020 – XC Elite

European Championships

 Zoetermeer (NED) 2009 – XC Elite
3ª Haifa (ISR) 2010 – XC Elite
13ª Dohňany (SVK) 2011 – XC Elite
11ª Mosca (RUS) 2012 – XC Elite
 Berna (SUI) 2013 – XC Elite
18ª Sankt Wendel (GER) 2014 – XC Elite
Chies d'Alpago (ITA) 2015 – XC Elite
13ª Chies d'Alpago (ITA) 2015 – Team Relay Misto
8ª Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – XC Elite
 Brno (CZE) 2019 – Team Relay Misto
8ª Brno (CZE) 2019 – XC Elite
Monte Tamaro (SUI) 2020 – Team Relay Misto

World Cup


5ª 2011


15ª 2019

Other Games

Giochi Europei - European Games

4ª  Baku (AZE) 2015 – XC Elite