SPECIALITY Epee team, Epee individual

Date of birth: 14/07/1991

Place of birth: Catania

Height x weight: 1,68 x 56

First Club: Methodos Catania

Club: Carabinieri

First Coach: Giovanni Sperlinga

Coach: Giovanni Sperlinga

Hobby: Piano

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

2 (Londra 2012, Rio 2016)


The youngest of the Italian fencing team in the London 2012 Olympics, she went on to claim a double victory in Rio 2016, where she not only won a silver medal, but also championed a historical moment in Italian fencing: she was the first female Italian athlete to win an individual Olympic medal in épée. Convinced by her father to switch from rhythmic gymnastics to fencing, the 30-year-old from Catania drew her sword at the age of seven. Meticulous and methodical would describe her match preparation: details of the training session and characteristics (both strengths and weaknesses) of her opponents are all logged in her notebook. Her typical days start with a run, an activity that she considers relaxing and that allows some time exclusively to herself before committing to training sessions. Outside of fencing, she has graduated in Dietetics, a fan of classical music, and a qualified piano player (having graduated from a music conservatoire).



Olympic Games

7a Londra (GBR) 2012 – Individuale
7a Londra (GBR) 2012 – Squadra
2a Rio (BRA) 2016 – Individuale

World Championships

23a Catania (ITA) 2011 – Individuale
3a Catania (ITA) 2011 – Squadra
9a Budapest (HUN) 2013 – Individuale
5a Budapest (HUN) 2013 – Squadra
1a Kazan (RUS) 2014 – Individuale
3a Kazan (RUS) 2014 – Squadra
1a Mosca (RUS) 2015 – Individuale
7a Mosca (RUS) 2015  – Squadra
11a Lipsia (GER) 2017 – Individuale
9a Lipsia (GER) 2017 – Squadra
24a Wuxi (CHN) 2018 – Individuale
9a Wuxi (CHN) 2018 – Squadra
34a Budapest (HUN) 2019 – Individuale
3a Budapest (HUN) 2019 – Squadra

European Championships

8a Sheffield (GBR) 2011 – Individuale
10a Legnano (ITA) 2012 – Individuale
5a Legnano (ITA) 2012 – Squadra
5a Zagabria (CRO) 2013 – Individuale
4a Zagabria (CRO) 2013 – Squadra
16a Strasburgo (FRA) 2014 – Individuale
3a Strasburgo (FRA) 2014 – Squadra
2a Montreux (SUI) 2015 – Individuale
3a Montreux (SUI) 2015 – Squadra
11a Torun (POL) 2016 – Individuale
7a Torun (POL) 2016 – Squadra
20a Tbilisi (GEO) 2017 – Individuale
8a Tbilisi (GEO) 2017 – Squadra
15a Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Individuale
5a Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Squadra
14a Dusseldorf (GER) 2019 – Individuale
3a Dusseldorf (GER) 2019 – Squadra

World Cup

2a 2013-2014
1a 2014-2015
15a 2016-2017
22a 2017-2018
26a 2018-2019