SPECIALITY Freestyle 97 kg

Date of birth: 07/10/1993

Place of birth: Santa Clara (Cuba)

Height x weight: 1,84 x 97

First Club: Club Atletico Faenza

Club: Esercito

First Coach: Lucio Caneva

Coach: Lucio Caneva

Hobby: Music

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Promises: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



The fight has always been Conyedo life, his crystal clear talent - the tool to climb the summit. Born in Cuba, under the flag of his country of origin, he won gold in the first edition of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in 2010 and also the 2015 Pan American Games. Wearing the tricolour on his chest, he has worn two bronzes around his neck: one World and one European. Thanks to his exploits, he has obtained Italian citizenship for special merits and now he is pursuing the Tokyo dream, intertwined with five circles of glory. A serious and professional young man, he makes religion an indispensable declination of everyday life.



World Championships

Budapest (HUN) 2018 – 97 kg

European Championships

8° Kaspisk (RUS) 2018 – 97 kg

 Roma (ITA) 2020 – 97 kg

12° Varsavia (POL) 2021 – 97 kg

Other Games

Giochi Olimpici Giovanili - Youth Olympic Games 

Singapore (SGP) 2010 – 100 kg (con Cuba)