SPECIALITY Track Omnium, Track Madison

Date of birth: 07/02/1989

Place of birth: Isola della Scala

Height x weight: 1,77 x 70

First Club: Luc Bovolone

Club: Cofidis Solutions Crédits

First Coach: Lino Scapini

Coach: Davide Cassani

Other sports: Tennis, swimming

Hobby: Cars, cinema, shopping, dogs

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

2 (Londra 2012, Rio 2016)


Following an exciting series of Omnium events at the Rio Games five years ago, Viviani paved a new path for Italian track cycling. He returned home to Italy with a gold medal that was missed out on in Sydney 2000 where Antonella Bellutti won the points race. Whether on the road or on the track, his priority is simply to go faster than the others. At the age of eight, after practising tennis, skating and football, he tried cycling on a friend’s advice. The rest is history. In the last four years Elia has competed in both road and track racing events in which he has made achievements and won continental medals. A natural sprinter, after he won the fourth stage of the 2019 Tour de France his name was added to the short list of riders who have won at least one stage in all three Grand Tours. Meanwhile, in Alkmaar he crossed the finish line of the European Championships with his hands in the air; after winning numerous track events he had just won his first gold medal in a road race. Cycling has become an integral part of his life: he is engaged to his colleague Elena Cecchini and runs a bike shop with his family in Vallese di Oppeano.



Olympic Games

6° Londra (GBR) 2012 – Omnium (pista)
38° Londra (GBR) 2012 – In linea (strada)
Rio (BRA) 2016 – Omnium (pista)

World Championships

7° Manchester (GBR) 2008 – Madison (pista)
7° Pruszków (POL) 2009 – Madison (pista)
18° Pruszków (POL) 2009 – Corsa a punti (pista)
11° Ballerup (DEN) 2010 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
7° Ballerup (DEN) 2010 – Madison (pista)
15° Ballerup (DEN) 2010 – Scratch (pista)
15 Ballerup (DEN) 2010 – Omnium (pista)
Apeldoorn (NED) 2011 – Scratch (pista)
7º Apeldoorn (NED) 2011 – Omnium (pista)
6º Apeldoorn (NED) 2011 – Madison (pista)
15º Apeldoorn (NED) 2011 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
80° Copenaghen (DEN) 2011 – In linea (strada)
21° Melbourne (AUS) 2012 – Scratch (pista)
24° Melbourne (AUS) 2012 – Omnium (pista)
10° Melbourne (AUS) 2012 – Madison (pista)
11° Cali (COL) 2014 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
14° Cali (COL) 2014 – Scratch (pista)
13° Cali (COL) 2014 – Corsa a punti (pista)
6° Cali (COL) 2014 – Americana (pista)
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (FRA) 2015 – Madison (pista)
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (FRA) 2015 – Omnium (pista)
16° Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (FRA) 2015 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
4° Londra (GBR) 2016 – Omnium (pista)
6° Londra (GBR) 2016 – Scratch (pista)
4° Londra (GBR) 2016 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
9° Berlino (GER) 2020 – Omnium (pista)
7° Berlino (GER) 2020 – Madison (pista)


European Championships

Apeldoorn (NED) 2011 – Omnium (pista)
 Panevėžys (LAT) 2012 – Corsa a punti (pista)
Panevėžys (LAT) 2012 – Madison (pista)
Panevėžys (LAT) 2012 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
 Apeldoorn (NED) 2013 – Corsa a punti (pista)
 Apeldoorn (NED) 2013 – Madison (pista)
 Baie-Mahault (FRA) 2014 – Omnium (pista)
 Grenchen (SUI) 2015 – Omnium (pista)
 Herning (DEN) 2017 – In linea (strada)
 Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
 Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Omnium (pista)
 Apeldoorn (NED) 2019 – Corsa a eliminazione (pista)
1° Alkmaar (NED) 2019 – In linea (strada)

Other Games

12° Baku (AZE) 2015 – In linea (strada)