SPECIALITY Epee team, Epee individual

Date of birth: 18/07/1985

Place of birth: Udine

Height x weight: 1,75 x 70

First Club: Gemina Scherma

Club: Esercito

First Coach: Dario Codarin

Coach: Roberto Cirillo

Hobby: Photography, travelling

Relationship Status: Married

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

1 (Londra 2012)


Nine years ago, whilst participating in the Olympic Games in London, she discovered she was pregnant and the following year she became a mother to Samuele. Motherhood has given this woman from Friuli a greater awareness of her abilities and it is no coincidence that all of her greatest achievements have come in the years following the birth of her child. Centre-stage in fencing since the age of 10, Mara seems to share this passion in the family with her siblings Enrico and Caterina, with the latter claiming the silver medal in team saber-fencing at the European Games of Baku in 2015, whilst her husband Andrea Lo Coco joins her in athletic training. In Wuxi, in July 2018, she won the World Championship title, and more recently, she won the team bronze in Budapest in the summer of 2019. In 2016 she graduated with a degree in Sport Sciences and embarked on the path to become a fencing master.




Olympic Games

18a Londra (GBR) 2012 – Individuale
7a Londra (GBR) 2012 – Squadra

World Championships

36ª Parigi (FRA) 2010 – Individuale
10ª Parigi (FRA) 2010 – Squadra
12ª Catania (ITA) 2011 – Individuale
3a Catania (ITA) 2011 –Squadra
7ª Budapest (HUN) 2013 – Individuale
5ª Budapest (HUN) 2013 – Squadra
19ª Kazan (RUS) 2014 – Individuale
3a Kazan (RUS) 2014 – Squadra
24a Mosca (RUS) 2015 – Individuale
7a Mosca (RUS) 2015 – Squadra
29a Lipsia (GER) 2017 – Individuale
9a Lipsia (GER) 2017 – Squadra
1a Wuxi (CHN) 2018 – Individuale
9a Wuxi (CHN) 2018 – Squadra
17a Budapest (HUN) 2019 – Individuale
3a Budapest (HUN) 2019 – Squadra

European Championships

29ª Lipsia (GER) 2010 – Individuale
Lipsia (GER) 2010 – Squadra
15ª Sheffield (GBR) 2011 – Individuale
5ª Sheffield (GBR) 2011 – Squadra
38ª Legnano (ITA) 2012 – Individuale
5ª Legnano (ITA) 2012 – Squadra
21ª Strasburgo (FRA) 2014 – Individuale
Strasburgo (FRA) 2014 –  Squadra
26° Montreux (SUI) 2015 – Individuale
Montreux (SUI) 2015 – Squadra
12ª Torun (POL) 2016 – Individuale
7ª Torun (POL) 2016 – Squadra
18ª Tbilisi (GEO) 2017 – Individuale
8ª Tbilisi (GEO) 2017 – Squadra
22ª Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Individuale
5ª Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Squadra
9ª Dusseldorf (GER) 2019 – Individuale
Dusseldorf (GER) 2019 – Squadra

World Cup

35ª 2016-2017
1ª 2017-2018
12ª 2018-2019
5ª 2019-2020