SPECIALITY Rhythmic Group all-around

Date of birth: 18/12/2000

Place of birth: Spoleto

Height x weight: 1,72 x 52

First Club: Polisportiva La Fenice di Spoleto

Club: Aeronautica

First Coach: Laura Bocchini

Coach: Emanuela Maccarani

Other sports: Volleyball

Hobby: Music

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



She started gymnastics at nine when her mother enrolled her for lessons to tame her wild character. Yet to turn 21, she is from Spoleto like Ivan Zaytsev (her idol). In 2015 she was named the captain of the youth team that took part in the European Championships in Minsk. She was subsequently called to the senior team. On the floor she feels secure and free to express herself. Even though balancing sports commitments in her teenage was not an easy task, she admits that her efforts have always been rewarded by success, including two world championships gold medals. Her motto? If you can dream it, you can do it.



World Championships

4ª Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – Concorso Generale

Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – 5 cerchi

4ª Pesaro (ITA) 2017 – 3 palle e 2 funi

Sofia (BUL) 2018 – Concorso Generale

Sofia (BUL) 2018 – 5 cerchi

Sofia (BUL) 2018 – 3 palle e 2 funi

Baku (AZE) 2019 – 3 cerchi e 4 clavette

6ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – 5 palle

5ª Baku (AZE) 2019 – Concorso Generale

European Championships

Guadalajara (ESP) 2018 – Concorso Generale

Guadalajara (ESP) 2018 – 5 cerchi

Guadalajara (ESP) 2018 – 3 palle 2 funi

Varna (BUL) 2021 – Concorso Generale

Varna (BUL) 2021 – 3 cerchi 2 clavette

5ª Varna (BUL) 2021 – 5 palle

World Cup

 Baku (AZE) – Concorso Generale

 Baku (AZE) – 5 palle

 Baku (AZE) – 3 cerchi 4 clavette 

Other Games

Giochi Europei - European Games

4ª Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Concorso Generale