SPECIALITY 400 m freestyle

Date of birth: 21/09/2000

Place of birth: Bari

Height x weight: 1,75 x 70

First Club: CUS Bari

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Daniele Borace

Coach: Stefano Morini

Hobby: Fashion

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



There has never been anyone like him. The 20-year-old from Bari is the first Apulian swimmer to qualify for the Games, but he certainly doesn't show up in Tokyo to make an appearance.After all, he had his first five rings experience in 2018 at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires where he won a silver Olympic medal and two Olympic bronzes. Raised by Daniele Borace, with his younger brother Luca, who is ready to go down the same path as him, in 2019 he moved to the Federal Center of Ostia and passed to the court of "Moro" Morini. He trains with champions of Detti's level and each session is a challenge to grow and establish himself, even among the 'greats'.



World Championships

5° Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – 400 stile libero

European Championships

5° Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 400 stile libero
Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 4x200 stile libero
17° Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 200 stile libero
19° Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 800 stile libero

Other Games

Giochi Olimpici Giovanili - Youth Olympic Games

Buenos Aires (ARG) 2018 – 400 stile libero
Buenos Aires (ARG) 2018 – 800 stile libero
Buenos Aires (ARG) 2018 – 4x100 stile libero
5° Buenos Aires (ARG) 2018 – 4x100 misti
15° Buenos Aires (ARG) 2018 – 200 stile libero