Date of birth: 02/09/1987

Place of birth: Genova

Height x weight: 1,61 x 49

First Club: C.S.K.A Genova

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Claudio Albertini

Coach: Roberta Sodero

Hobby: Cinema

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



She was the first Italian karateka to qualify for Tokyo 2020 and let’s just say that she didn’t travel that far just to make an appearance European Vice-Champion in 2019 and Bronze World Champion in 2018, this woman from Genoa took an interest in this discipline when she was six years old along with her sister Valeria. From the very beginning she was ready to fight her male opponents, going on to collect titles and medals in every competition in her career. Karate means everything to her, even romantically (she is engaged to the ex-Italian sportsman Nello Maestri); specifically, kata is an aspect of karate that draws out her thrill and excitement. A perfectionist and keen student,this Italian sports champion is never satisfied. Not even in Tokyo.



World Championships

 Tokyo (JPN) 2008 – Kata a squadre

 Belgrado (SRB) 2010 – Kata a squadre

 Parigi (FRA) 2012 – Kata a squadre

 Parigi (FRA) 2012 – Kata a squadre

 Brema (GER) 2014 – Kata a squadre

3ª Linz (AUT) 2016 – Kata individuale

 Linz (AUT) 2016 – Kata a squadre

 Madrid (ESP) 2018 – Kata individuale

European Championships

 Tenerife (ESP) 2005 – Kata a squadre

 Stavanger (NOR) 2006 – Kata a squadre

 Bratislava (SVK) 2007 – Kata a squadre

 Zagabria (CRO) 2009 – Kata a squadre

 Atene (GRE) 2010 – Kata a squadre

 Kloden (SUI) 2011 – Kata a squadre

 Tenerife (ESP) 2012 – Kata a squadre

 Budapest (HUN) 2013 – Kata individuale

 Budapest (HUN) 2013 – Kata a squadre

 Tampere (FIN) 2014 – Kata individuale

 Tampere (FIN) 2014 – Kata a squadre

 Istanbul (TUR) 2015 – Kata a squadre

 Montpellier (FRA) 2016 – Kata individuale

 Montpellier (FRA) 2016 – Kata a squadre

 Kocaeli (TUR) 2017 – Kata individuale

 Kocaeli (TUR) 2017 – Kata a squadre

 Novi Sad (SRB) 2018 – Kata individuale

 Guadalajara (ESP) 2019 – Kata individuale
3ª Porec (CRO) 2021 – Kata individuale

Other Games

Giochi Europei - European Games

Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Kata individuale