SPECIALITY 4x200 freestyle relay, 200 m freestyle

Date of birth: 18/02/1993

Place of birth: Bolzano/Bozen

Height x weight: 1,88 x 83

First Club: Bolzano Nuoto

Club: Time Limit Caserta

First Coach: Dario Taraboi

Coach: Andrea Sabino

Other sports: Basketball

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



As a child his passion was for the diving board, but in Bolzano, they told him that he was already too tall to start, so his mother suggested he start swimming, also to overcome a problem he had with his hip. It was not love at first sight with water, but pushed by his companions and by initial results, he has not stopped. The transfer to Riccione to Max Di Mito has transformed him by giving him different goals, but now his peace of mind is in Caserta, where he is trained by Andrea Sabino. In his first World Championship in 2019, he came close to the bronze medal in the 4x200m freestyle relay, which he finished at three hundredths of a second from the podium. He follows NBA games with his friends and the Chicago Bulls are the team he supports.



World Championships

4° Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – 4x200 stile libero

European Championships

Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 4x200 stile libero mista
Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 4x200 stile libero
9° Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 200 stile libero