Date of birth: 16/01/1992

Place of birth: Quartu Sant'Elena

Height x weight: 1,64 x 49

First Club: Promogest Coop Cagliari

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Anna Abate

Coach: Anna Abate

Hobby: Travelling

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

1 (Rio 2016) 


Deidda fell in love with synchronised swimming as water is an essential trait of her way of being, her favourite means of expression. She lives according to her profession. With care and dedication, she has built her competitive tale. She started in Sardinia and forged ahead, starting to collect medals with the senior national team after her junior experience. In Tokyo, she will have her second Olympic experience after coming fifth place in Rio 2016. She loves travelling and discovering new cultures: backpacking and seeking new adventures to talk about.



Olympic Games

5ª Rio (BRA) 2016 

World Championships

5ª Barcellona (ESP) 2013 – Squadra libero
6ª Barcellona (ESP) 2013 – Squadra tecnico
6ª Barcellona (ESP) 2013 – Duo libero
8ª Barcellona (ESP) 2013 – Duo tecnico
7ª Kazan (RUS) 2015 – Squadra tecnico
6ª Kazan (RUS) 2015 – Squadra libero
7ª Kazan (RUS) 2015 – Duo tecnico
6ª Kazan (RUS) 2015 – Duo libero
5ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Squadra tecnico
5ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Squadra libero
6ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Duo tecnico
6ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Duo libero
5ª Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – Squadra tecnico
5ª Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – Squadra libero

European Championships

3a Eindhoven (NED) 2012 – Squadra
4a Berlino (GER) 2014 – Squadra
2a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Squadra libero
3a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Squadra tecnico
3a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Duo tecnico
3a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Duo libero
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Squadra libero
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Squadra tecnico
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Duo libero
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Duo tecnico