Date of birth: 07/10/1993

Place of birth: Savona

Height x weight: 1,72 x 56

First Club: RN Savona

Club: Marina Militare

First Coach: Patrizia Giallombardo

Coach: Anastasia Ermakova, Benedetta Parisella

Hobby: Reading, cinema, music

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

1 (Rio 2016) 


Cerruti is the queen of Italian synchronised swimming. She has been swimming since she was three, becoming synchronised three years later. At the age of 11, she won the first Italian titles, but on the showcase she has a series of European bronzes enriched by two in the solo, two in the duo and those with Italsincro won in London 2016. Water is her natural habitat and the woman from Savona, passionate about cinema and music, is ready to live a new Olympic experience. With Costanza Ferro, she was the protagonist of 'Vite in apnea', a television documentary that told the story of the preparation of the two synchronised swimmers ahead of the 2013 World Cup in Barcelona. Punctuality and precision are her dogmas, focaccia and, sometimes, sweet Nutella treats are her innocent escapisms. Her focus is projected on the five ring, to be crowned on the podium.



Olympic Games

6a Rio (BRA) 2016 - Duo
5a Rio (BRA) 2016 - Squadra

World Championships

6ª Barcellona (ESP) 2013 – Duo libero
8ª Barcellona (ESP) 2013 – Duo tecnico
7ª Kazan (RUS) 2015 – Duo tecnico
6ª Kazan (RUS) 2015 – Duo libero
5ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Squadra tecnico
5ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Squadra libero
6ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Duo tecnico
6ª Budapest (HUN) 2017 – Duo libero
5ª Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – Squadra tecnico
5ª Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – Squadra libero
5ª Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – Duo tecnico
6ª Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – Duo libero

European Championships

4a Berlino (GER) 2014 – Squadra
4a Berlino (GER) 2014 – Duo
2a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Squadra libero
3a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Squadra tecnico
3a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Duo tecnico
3a Londra (GBR) 2016 – Duo libero
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Squadra libero
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Squadra tecnico
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Duo libero
3a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – Duo tecnico