SPECIALITY Trap (75 shots), Trap Mixed Team

Date of birth: 07/01/1992

Place of birth: Cento

Height x weight: 1,70 x 55

First Club: Tiro a Volo Molinella

Club: Fiamme Oro

First Coach: Ivan Rossi

Coach: Albano Pera

Hobby: Swimming

Relationship Status: Separated

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

2 (Londra 2012, Rio 2016)


At 20, she has already had all the titles an athlete could dream of: an Olympic gold, a world gold (plus one at junior level), a victory at the World Cup finals and even the European title. Now, eight years after the incredible victory in London 2012 with the world record of 99 clay pigeons out of 100, her honours have been enriched by two more world titles and one continental.  She is ready to face her third Olympics. The Emilian policewoman inherited the passion for this sport from her father Ivan, already Italian champion, while it is thanks to her mother Monica that she was able to start shooting, who acted as guarantor for her daughter when still a minor. In this way, she was able to start a career that brought her into the world elite.



Olympic Games

1a Londra (GBR) 2012
6a Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 2016

World Championships

1Maribor (SLO) 2009
3a Monaco (GER) 2010
18a Belgrado (SRB) 2011
1a Lima (PER) 2013 
8a Granada (ESP) 2014 
22a Lonato (ITA) 2015 
1a Mosca (RUS) 2017 
8a Changwon (KOR) 2018 
5a Changwon (KOR) 2018 – Mixed
11a Lonato (ITA) 2019  
5a Lonato (ITA) 2019 – Mixed

European Championships

5a Nicosia (CYP) 2008
1a Osijek (CRO) 2009
22a Kazan (RUS) 2010
12a Belgrado (SRB) 2011
2a Larnaca (CYP) 2012
1a Suhl (GER) 2013
12a Sarlospuszta (HUN) 2014
3a Maribor (SLO) 2015
7Lonato (ITA) 2016
8a Baku (AZE) 2017
10a Leobersdorf (AUT) 2018
2a Lonato (ITA) 2019
3a Lonato (ITA) 2019 – Mixed
2Osijek (CRO) 2021
1Osijek (CRO) 2021 - Mixed 

World Cup

2a Izmir (TUR) 2010
1a Al Ain (UAE) 2011
2a Maribor (SLO) 2012
5aAbu Dhabi (UAE) 2013
11a New Delhi (IND) 2017
6a Al Ain (UAE) 2019

Other Games

Giochi Europei - European Games 

14a Baku (AZE) 2015
5a Baku (AZE) 2015 – Mixed
2a Minsk (BLR) 2019
2Minsk (BLR) 2019 – Mixed