SPECIALITY 1.500 freestyle, 800 freestyle

Date of birth: 18/12/1998

Place of birth: Roma

Height x weight: 1,70 x 63

First Club: Canottieri Aniene

Club: Canottieri Aniene

First Coach: Christian Minotti

Coach: Christian Minotti

Hobby: Cinema, music

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:



Becoming a princess was never her childhood dream. From a very young age, in fact, the Roman champion had clear ideas: she wanted to become a swimmer. She inherited her passion from her instructor father and shared it for years with her older sister, Erica, her reference point. Not yet eighteen years old, and after numerous victories at the youth level, she made herself known to the world in 2014 by winning the title of youth Olympic champion of the 800m freestyle in Nanjing. Five years ago, she missed the summons to the Olympic Games in Rio by making a mistake during the decisive race, but that unexpected misstep was the turning point of her career. At her first world championships, in 2017, she immediately won a bronze medal. The following year she scored a historic hat-trick at the European Championships in Glasgow, winning the 1,500, 800 and 400 metres. The final blessing came last summer when she became World Champion in the 1,500m while also recording the new national record. From the disappointment of Rio to a key figure in the Olympics: with her dreams of becoming a swimmer achieved, her next goal is to leave a new indelible mark in the history of Italian swimming.



World Championships

3a Budapest (HUN) 2017 – 1500 stile libero
7a Budapest (HUN) 2017 – 800 stile libero
9a Budapest (HUN) 2017 – 4x200 stile libero
1a Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – 1500 stile libero
2a Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – 800 stile libero

European Championships

5a Londra (GBR) 2016 – 800 stile libero
5a Londra (GBR) 2016 – 1500 stile libero
1a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – 400 stile libero
1a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – 800 stile libero
1a Glasgow (GBR) 2018 – 1500 stile libero
1a Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 800 stile libero
1a Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 1500 stile libero
1a Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 400 stile libero
3a Budapest (HUN) 2021 – 4x200 stile libero

Other Games

Giochi Olimpici Giovanili – Youth Olympic Games

6a Nanchino (CHN) 2014 – 800 stile libero
1a Nanchino (CHN) 2014 – 1500 stile libero