SPECIALITY 4x100 freestyle relay

Date of birth: 14/01/1995

Place of birth: Hiroshima (Giappone)

Height x weight: 1,92 x 82

First Club: Bolles School Sharks

Club: Aurelia Nuoto

First Coach: Joseph Condorelli

Coach: Claudio Rossetto

Other sports: MTB

Hobby: Cooking, trekking

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Club: Yes

Olympic Games Participation:

1 (Rio 2016*)


Born in Japan and raised in the United States by a Canadian mother and Italian father: his life has been a mix of cultures and passports, but, after having been a junior in the US and a senior in Canada, he eventually chose Italy. His great-grandparents left Catania to seek their fortune in America, while he chose to start rediscovering his origins after Rio 2016. The Games in Brazil finished with a bitter fourth place in the 100m freestyle and the decision to take a break from swimming, then the change of nationality that has given him the new motivation necessary to look ahead. Having moved to the camp of the sprint swimmers of Claudio Rossetto, he trains in Rome with his relay teammates, with whom he works to reach important goals. Before going down into the water, he has a very special superstitious ritual: raising his middle finger towards the tribune, where his father Joseph is watching him.



Olympic Games

4° Rio (BRA) 2016 – 100 stile libero (con il Canada)
7° Rio (BRA) 2016 – 4x100 stile libero (con il Canada)
12° Rio (BRA) 2016 – 50 stile libero (con il Canada)
12° Rio (BRA) 2016 – 100 farfalla (con il Canada)

World Championships

Kazan (RUS) 2015 – 4x100 stile libero mista (con il Canada)
4° Kazan (RUS) 2015 – 100 stile libero (con il Canada)
8° Kazan (RUS) 2015 – 4x100 stile libero (con il Canada)
9° Kazan (RUS) 2015 – 50 Farfalla (con il Canada)
13° Kazan (RUS) 2015 – 4x100 mista (con il Canada)
4° Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – 4x100 stile libero
18° Gwangju (KOR) 2019 – 100 stile libero