Parigi 1924

Parigi 1924

VIII edition of the Summer Olympics

05 May - 27 July 1924

Paris had a debt with  Baron de Coubertin and kindly cleared it by organising a great edition of the Games (whose sequence of events inspired, in 1981, the splendid "Chariots of Fire"). The Paris Games were modern in the most complete meaning of the term, a concept fully represented by the motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (Faster, Higher, Stronger) used for the first time. It also inaugurated the handover ceremony of the Olympic flag to the city selected for the next Games. Paris revealed to the world some of the greatest athletes in history, such as Paavo Nurmi, the "Flying Finn", and Johnny Weissmuller, the immortal Tarzan.

Medal table

  • gold 8

  • silver 3

  • bronze 5





3.089 (2.954 Uomini; 135 Donne)

ITALIAN Athletes

202 (199 Men; 3 Women)