Londra 1908

Londra 1908

IV edition of the Summer Olympics

27 April - 31 October 1908

The 1908 Games had been unanimously given to Rome, also thanks to the excellent work of the Count Eugenio Brunetta d'Usseaux from Piedmont, who soon after would become General Secretary of the IOC. However, the Eternal City would have to wait another 52 years to host the Games. Serious economic problems, lack of understanding between sporting bodies of that time, a veiled opposition from political and religious circles, led to Rome pulling out of the hosting. The Games, and Olympism, were saved at the last minute by strong English sporting tradition. The most celebrated episode of the London Games (and the entire Olympic history) was Dorando Pietri, an athlete from Carpi, winning the marathon only to be disqualified afterwards.

Medal table

  • gold 2

  • silver 2

  • bronze 0





2.008 (1.971 Uomini; 37 Donne)

ITALIAN Athletes

67 (67 Men; 0 Women)

Ginnastica concorso generale individuale
Lotta greco-romana leggeri
Atletica 800 m