Saint Louis 1904

Saint Louis 1904

III edition of the Summer Olympics

01 July - 23 November 1904

Once again Coubertin had to resign himself to seeing the Games as a side-show to an exhibition fair, this time the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of St. Louis. The Games had actually been granted to Chicago, but US President Roosevelt's intervention in favour of St. Louis proved decisive. The Games may have hit their lowest point at this edition, humiliated both in terms of participation and in the philosophical content. A prime (and shameful) example of which is that of the "Anthropology Days" reserved for pygmies, Patagonians, American Indians and Ainu. In the so-called regular events, the Americans plundered the medal cabinet winning 78 gold medals out of the 96 handed out.

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651 (645 Uomini; 6 Donne)

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