Parigi 1900

Parigi 1900

II edition of the Summer Olympics

20 May - 28 October 1900

Pierre de Coubertin wanted the second edition of the Games to take place in Paris, but he encountered great difficulties with his country's political and sports organisations. Therefore, it was clear for him that he had to adapt to recognise as the Olympic Games the sport events which were held as part of the Exposition Universelle that France dedicated to the new century (discarding the oddities of the programme, such as shooting with.... cannons). Medals, for those deemed worthy of receiving them, were delivered months or years late. Paris saw Italians pick up their first victories with Count Gian Giorgio Trissino winning the high jump as part of the equestrian event and Antonio Conte from Latina winning the gold medal in the sabre event as part of the fencing masters competition.

Medal table

  • gold 3

  • silver 2

  • bronze 0





997 (975 Uomini; 22 Donne)

ITALIAN Athletes

33 (33 Men; 0 Women)

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