SPECIALITY 12-team Tournament

Date of birth: 14/03/2001

Place of birth: Siena

Height x weight: 1,88 x 86

Position: Play

First Club: Pinnacle High School

Club: Golden State Warriors

First Coach: Pace Mannion

Coach: Steve Kerr

Hobby: Music, movies

Relationship Status: Single

Olympic Games Participation:



Following in his father's footsteps. He´s the son of Pace Mannion - a former NBA guard from Salt Lake City, seen in Italy with several jerseys, including Cantù (1989/1993, a Korać Cup in 1990/1991), Treviso (1993/1994), Caserta (1995/1996) and Reggiana (1996/1997) - and Gaia Bianchi, a former volleyball player from a family of sportsmen. Mannion is the eighth Italian player ever to serve in the US professional championship. He lived in Scottsdale and attended Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Arizona. His story is one of the few rare cases where an Italian player was first discovered in the United States rather than Italy. After ending his NCAA experience with the Arizona Wildcats prematurely due to COVID-19, Mannion was chosen at the 2020 draft (48th pick) by Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors. A rising star of Italian basketball, he is ready to take on the Olympic challenge.